What is betbnb?

Betbnb offers you the perfect place to rent your holiday accommodation. At betbnb you can easily offer your preferred price to the host and save a lot of money.

Is betbnb free?

Yes - betbnb is 100% free to use.

Will I get a booking confirmation from betbnb?

After we have received your booking request / your bid or your direct booking and is accepted by the host, you will receive an email from betbnb with all the necessary information and the relevant contact details for the host.

What are cancellation conditions?

Since we are not the owners of the accommodations, each host regulates his cancellation conditions individually. In general, there are three types of “moderate, flexible and rigid”. You can find out which option your host has chosen on the accommodation overview.

How do I cancel a booking?

To cancel a booking, you can easily go to your trip overview. There you can select your reservation and cancel it.